Poe wrote “To Helen,”
considered by many
one of the great love poems.

“Nicean barks” & “the glory
that was Greece,” admirable
phrases, I admit, but to
paraphrase Tina Turner,
what’s love got to do with them?
Poe visualizes Helen as a statue
in a niche, all marmoreal ‘n shit.

A Poe scenario: mice have invaded
our home. My love? She
baits the traps with organic,
salt-free peanut butter.

Image credit:Sarah

I've lived in Tucson since 1953 and retired in 2008 from teaching writing at Pima Community College. I currently volunteer for Sky Island Alliance, a regionally-based environmental organization.

My poems have appeared in journals like Carolina Quarterly, Shenandoah, Barrow Street, RATTLE, and New Poets of the American West.


Diphtheria Festival, my tenth poetry collection, is now available from Main Street Rag Publishing.