How did you answer, when your friends asked,
Who was she?                        

“Someone who meant a lot to me once.
But that was a long time ago,
and I have forgotten just when or where.”

Tomorrow night your friends will come back,
and your mouth will close around
another bottle of beer.

“It doesn’t matter what happened to those pictures,”
you will say to the dirty window.

Yes, you will return
and create a finish that sounds exactly right.

Image credit:Myznik Egor

Trish Saunders poetry appears or is forthcoming in Mien Magazine, The American Journal of Poetry,  Pacifica Poetry Review, Right Hand Pointing, Eunoia Review, Silver Birch Press, Whiskey Rye Review, Off The Coast Literary Review and other places. Right Hand Pointing published her chapbook, "Last Note" in 2019.